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                       Sentinel PHP Duwan Mason 

PHP Duwan M. Mason, Sr., born April 17, 1967 in Louisville, Ky. Graduated from Iroquois High School in 1985 and went on to attend University of Louisville where he played football. He joined the Army Reserves in 1986 while still attending University of Louisville and later joined the active Army in May 1987. Mr. Mason remained on active duty until May 1993 then later worked for the El Paso Sherriff’s department until September 1996. He currently is employed with the Department of Homeland Security (ICE) Immigration and Custom Enforcement. PHP Mason has been married for 20 years to his wonderful wife Kathy and has five children (four sons and one daughter). PHP Mason is highly involved in the community by giving his heart and soul to family, friends and peers. He speaks to youth groups about education and future endeavors, and he organizes community events such as the annual Friends and Family community cookout. He supports Breast Cancer Awareness, Alzheimer’s Awareness and local orphanges by hoisting luncheons and dinners to raise funds for each of these causes. PHP Mason is always working to ensure El Paso remains a giving city by giving back and encouraging others to give back to the community. PHP Mason is a Grand Officer in the Masonic Family, wearing many hats- devoted husband, father, brother, mentor, mediator and friend. He ensures each and every function he has a hand in is done on the highest professional level. 

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