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King Ronnie S. Betts


Ronnie Betts joined the United States Air Force after the Vietnam era with ambitions of enhancing and utilizing the skills that he learned while attending Simeon Vocational High School. Upon graduation, he not only received his high School diploma, but also a certificate in Auto Mechanics and Metal Processing.


He knew that he wanted to work on aircraft, so when he joined the Air Force, he was given  assignments that fulfilled his desires as an Airman. He worked as a Structural Repair Specialist at Cannon AFB in Clovis, NM, where he received specialized training in fiber glass and fiber glass repair and was awarded honors for his work. These skills were later deemed very useful as he continued his career as an Airman and even as a civilian.


Ronnie is married to his High school sweetheart, Vanessa, and they have raised 4 children, three that also pursued careers in the military and one that that works for, Sandia Labs. As a bonus, he  has 11 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter.


After being Honorably Discharged in 1980, Ronnie enrolled in ENMU (Eastern New Mexico University) Portales NM to become an instructor in Industrial Technology. Over an eight year span, he worked in many capacities which afforded him the opportunity to hone the skills which he obtained now into the civilian sector including, making some of the first personal home satellite dishes, building boats using fiber glass, rebuilding and designing automobile parts all while serving in the Army National Guard, taking class and providing for his family. Ronnie never loss sight of the Veterans that he was surrounded by and the example of excellency that they exemplified. Ronnie was activated to several duties stations which were compatible with many of MOS.


From 1987 until his 2006 Ronnie was activated many times as Dual Service, (military and civil service).but this time being recognized as Army Soldier. Army and obtained his license as an Airframe and Power plant Mechanic, Fiber Optic Tech, and Stick time as a helicopter Pilot.This achievement afforded him many opportunities to include his assignment to Fort Carson in Saudi Arabia, and to Washington DC, Operation Clear Skies after 911 to protect the national region.


Since his retirement he has dedicated his life to serving. In 2006 he was ordained deacon of the church and later became a licensed minister. He is cognizant of the statement, “Faith without works is dead,” and he feels compelled to live with intentionally to serve his community where he can. Ronnie also enjoys  traveling, working with his hands, and spending time with his grandchildren.

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